Nano Fry Glow Series

Made with the brightest glow formula we can find on the market!
- D.Goff

New Release

Fish just can’t resist a Nano Glow!

Super Bright Glow!

Nano Fry Natural Series

• Hot Colors That Glow!

• RMX2 Scent Infused!

• Highest Quality 3D Natural Lookin Eye’s!

• Incredible Action!

What more could a fish ask for???

The Custom Nano Fry by Roadside Minnows.
The Nano Fry is 1" long and 3/16" wide.
Incredible "action" shad / fry profile with a very unique stinger tail.

Most realistic 3D eyes available!!

RMX2 Scent Infused

***Please Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

6 Per Pack / $4.99 - $14.99

Nano Fry Glow Series Variety Pack #208

Variety pack includes (4 CherryFish Glow, 4 Yellowtail Glow, 4 LeapPearl Glow, 4 Aqua Glow, 4 Flamingo Glow, 4 OJ Glow, For a total of 24 Nano Frys.