It’s not MAGIC! It’s no SECRET! It’s SIMPLE!

Nano Fry’s Catch Limits!! Our most popular bait and offering an impressive array of different color options for your next fishing trip, this unique bait is truly a game changer in your fishing experience.

Nano Fry Zone

Original Perch Eye™️

Artificial intelligence! Amazing details! RMX2 Scent Infused!

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Nano Fry 1”

Absolutely amazing elite hand poured plastic bait! Nothing else compares when targeting elusive panfish!!

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Nano Fry 1.75

Nano Fry 1.75’s still have that Incredible "action" shad / fry profile with a very unique stinger tail as do the original Nano Fry’s.

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Electric Bluntnose

View Nano Fry 1.75

Electric Perch

View Nano Fry 1.75

School Bus Yellow

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Micro Minnow 1”

Natural Minnow Fry / Unique Pulsating Fins • Live Bait Profile That Attracts Fish

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Micro Minnow 1”

High quality custom micro plastic bait that die hard fisherman demand from Roadside Minnows that put trophy fish top side!

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Big Crappie Can’t Resist!! Play video below and see for yourself the Micro Minnow in Action!

Baby Guppy 1 1/4”

Guppy Fry’s might be one of the best kept secrets among panfish Anglers for decades!

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Two-inches long and a half-inch in diameter, this bait is perfectly sized for catching a variety of fish.

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Pearl White

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XP 1.25

The action this Bait creates is irresistible to even the most finicky panfish!

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White & Red

View XP 1.25

TRM Magic

View XP 1.25

Glow Natural

View XP 1.25

Sand Perch

View XP 1.25

Wiggles 3/4”

Wiggle’s will quickly become your go to bait when your looking to down size to a micro bait. Price $2.99 15 Per Pack True Game Changer!!!

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Apex Swim-Bait 4”

Swimbait with a hook slot that alllows for an unbelievable hook penetration.

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Baby Bass

View 4” Ape

Smokin Sexy

View 4” Apex

Electro Rainbow

View 4” Apex

Blue Bayou

View 4” Apex

Plum Silver

View 4” Apex


View 4” Apex

Green Gizzard Shad

View 4” Apex


View 4” Apex

Red Sizzler

View 4” Apex

Polar Bear

View 4” Apex

Original Predator Minnow 4”

This remarkably detailed Original Roadside Minnow features an eye-catching and lifelike look that has more action then any other minnow we currently offer!

View Original Minnow

Colorado Sunrise

View Original Minnow

Hands down, these are the best plastics u can get By far these baits are the best I've used. They have not failed to produce fish for me, even when live bait wasn't working. I have hundreds of plastics, and have been fishing them for a few years now. Roadside minnows are now all I take with me. The customer service FAR exceeds my expectations, these guys will go the extra mile for u. Thank u roadside minnows!

Mike Lemke Rosholt, Wisconsin

Great Products and Quick service The whole experience with roadside minnows has been great from the quick shipment of my order. To the awesome products that they make. I'm very impressed with these baits amd would recommend them to anyone who wants to catch fish.

Max Cook Yakima, Washington

Hands down the best Plastics I've ever used! Product Name: Nano II 1.75

Scott G. New Sharon, Iowa

Perch eyes Great customer service! Great product. No more minnows for me. The perch, gills and crappie love them. Thanks again.

Andrew Gates Conesus, Kentucky

Go to plastic! Very lively and durable, definitely a go to lure.

Larry Lynch Des Moines, Iowa

Well I must say I’m impressed with the Products, I normally am not a pan fisherman, but ice fishing I’ll take anything !!! Great products glad I got turned on to them!!!

Toby Williamson Creston, Iowa

Nano fry ghost Wow I have never been a big plastics guy before but I am now. I had my camera set up and I actually watched my first ever catch on plastics and it was the first drop down the hole. On the nano fry. 10+++ and now the customer service, their was a little hiccup with my order but Roadside Minnows went above and beyond. They sent me my orde and refunded my money for the inconvenience, wow who does that???? Roadside Minnows doest that and I have already made my second order. Thank you

Michael L. Racine, Wisconsin