Super Glow Micro Shrimp Roadside Minnows
Super Glow Micro Shrimp Roadside Minnows
Super Glow Micro Shrimp Roadside Minnows

Super Glow Micro Shrimp

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Introducing the Super Glow Micro Shrimp - the ultimate weapon in your fishing arsenal! Whether you're ice fishing, jigging, or casting in open water, this incredible 1" inch bait is guaranteed to take your fishing game to the next level.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Super Glow Micro Shrimp boasts a realistic design complete with shrimp eyes, giving it an irresistible lifelike look. But that's not all - this bait is also slightly scented, luring fish from far and wide straight to your hook. And with the revolutionary RMX2 Scent Infusion, fish absolutely can't resist it!

One of the standout features of the Super Glow Micro Shrimp is its remarkable durability. Made to withstand the toughest fishing conditions, this bait will keep performing cast after cast, season after season. No more worrying about constantly replacing worn-out baits - with the Super Glow Micro Shrimp, you can focus on what really matters: catching fish!

But the real game changer is the super bright glow that emanates from this little wonder. Designed to attract fish even in low light conditions, the glow of the Super Glow Micro Shrimp is sure to grab the attention of any nearby fish. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to more successful fishing trips!

Each pack of Super Glow Micro Shrimp contains 15 of these incredible baits, all for the unbeatable price of just $4.99. That's right, you get 15 chances to reel in your next big catch! So why wait? Feed'em better with the good stuff and join the shrimp feeding frenzy today. Upgrade your fishing gear with the Super Glow Micro Shrimp and experience the true power of a game-changing bait!

Quantity: 15 Per Pack

Length: 1”

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Micro Minnow - Roadside Minnows

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Baby Guppies are my favorite go to plastic bait.

Tim G.

AMAZING fishing baits that produce results!

Wade G.

Thank you Roadside Minnows! Hands down my favorite plastics!

Troy B.

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